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La musica è sempre stata la mia compagna di viaggio, il mio orizzonte. Costantemente presente anche quando in secondo piano rispetto a quei riflettori da cui mi sono allontanato quando per un po’ ho puntato invece sull’attività imprenditoriale.

For anyone out there, feel off-road and think you’ve missed your chance because you can’t go back. Tranquilli. It is not so. We can always change course.

Spending time away from the stages of Italian music has only increased the desire to tell my story and my experience. Now I start from where we were, in the knowledge that there are no fixed moments in life, and that for me it is now time to start again from me, resume my life as a songwriter and make my first record.


I believe in the value of choice and in the desire to start again, the authenticity of the stories I tell in my music through the eyes of those who rejoice in the extraordinary nature of everyday life. I believe that change is possible. I believe in the gift of always being able to write a better story.

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